Friday, June 21, 2013

More Summer Book Reviews: Fantasy

This year, teens are writing book reviews as part of their Teen Summer Reading experience. We will periodically publish a group of these short reviews here, so you can see what other teens in your neighborhood are reading! Here's another installment...

From Abby M:
The Alchemyst, The Magician, The Sorceress
by Michael Scott

The Alchemyst is the first book in this series. Sophie and Josh (15-year-old twins) unsuspectingly go to work at the bookstore one day and are thrown into a new and exciting world of magic and ancient gods. It changes forever how they look at the world. The Magician is the second book. It is really good, full of fun, adventure and magic. It has fast-paced action, as well as interesting characters. Sophie and Josh are unlikely heroes who must deal with a different world full of magic and monsters that should only belong in nightmares. The Sorceress is the third book. In the previous book, Sophie's magical powers were awakened. and now Josh finds his powers too, assisted by a powerful god named Mars, who has been a prisoner for hundreds of years. Sophie and Josh are being chased by Dr. Dee while trying to adapt to other new powers.

Editor's note: There are six books in this series, so Abby has three to go! (We have the first four as e-books too, if you have an e-reader!) Also, the subtitle is "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel"--do you remember where you have heard that name before?

From Megan W.:
The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, #3).
by Rick Riordan
I've read this book many times, because it is so amazing. The Mark of Athena is about a quest: Six demigods--Annabeth, Percy, Leo, Piper, Jason, Hazel, Frank, and Coach Hedge go on this quest to find the one thing that will bring the Romans and the Greeks together. I loved this book, it is my favorite book of all time, and I'm waiting for the fourth book in the series!

Burbank Public Library has The Mark of Athena as an e-book too! Check out our Magic Wall for this and more teen e-books.

From Patrick C.:
by Amy Butler Greenfield

Wow...just wow! I DEVOURED this! This book was just stunning in every single way--lyrical, and absolutely absorbing! I am such a fan of historical fiction and all the suspense and action, and Chantress delivered in those parts. The writing kept me hanging at every chapter--either waiting for a Chantress spell or for what happens to Lucy or any of the characters! I was blown away by her details and descriptions. It was a book rich in details, from the magic to the streets of Victorian England, to a witty and fun main character! Now I'm so picking up more Victorian and steampunk books. I CANNOT wait for book #2! Read this one soon.

Editor's note: This book is on order...

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