Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guest blog: Memoir

Rat Girl
by Kristin Hersh
319 pages
High school and up
Reviewed by Jim C., Librarian

This is a memoir, written by Kristin Hersh from the band Throwing Muses, about a year (1985) in her life. She was 18, attending college part-time, and trying to get her band started. During that time she had a breakdown, was diagnosed as bipolar, had a baby, got a record deal with 4AD, and made a record!

It reads like a series of interconnected stories, with commentary from song lyrics the author would later record. (The book includes an internet link to songs the reader can download). It might appeal to anyone interested in how songs are written or how to get a band started, or someone who is interested in an especially dramatic teen year.

Editor's note: Here is a free EP of some of her music, if you're interested.

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