Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teen Review: New Science Fiction

Title: Shades of Earth
Author: Beth Revis
Pages: 369
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Yes, third book
Level: High School
Reviewed by: Farah M.,
college freshman

Amy and Elder have finally landed on Centauri-Earth. It's a chance for change and new beginnings, but it’s not all fun and games. They’re faced with tons of betrayal and deceit from those closest to them. This new planet has countless secrets and new resources that challenge Elder, Amy, and the people on the ship Godspeed. Lives are lost, and trusts and bonds are broken in this epic fight for survival. I loved this book of the series. I loved the connection, now stronger, between Amy and Elder. I loved the constant surprises that Revis has thrown at me the entire time during their journey. I loved the new adventure and change that everyone had to go through to survive in their strange new place they now call home. I can’t say I disliked much from the book except the few losses that occurred. Not many people enjoy the changing of perspective (a different character narrating) from one chapter event to another, however, I enjoyed it and I didn’t find it difficult to read. It easily flowed from Amy’s perspective of a scene to Elder’s. This book in my opinion was brilliant, and if you haven’t read the first books of the series, then I suggest you hop to it right away and get started. A brand new romance and adventure in space full of deceit and hardships, which is something not much seen in YA books. The entire book made me feel like I was on a roller coaster ride. It went from joy to sadness, then shock and anger leading to contentment once again as I was reading it.

The cover was exactly how I would picture it, showing the metal and earth of a new world. You would be able to tell what kind of story it is from the cover. I would recommend this book to anyone really who loves the thrill and adventure, anyone who loves science fiction and a budding romance through and through (start at the first book, though!). This book was one of my absolute favorites and I would hope any other YA fan would enjoy Beth Revis stories as well.

Editor's note: The first two books are Across the Universe, and A Million Suns. You can find all three at the Burbank Public Library! (We also have book one as audio.) Beth Revis's website has a lot of great content, including some tips for aspiring writers.

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