Friday, April 26, 2013

Teen Review: Horror

Bag of Bones
by Stephen King
752 pages
High School and Adults
Reviewed by E.E., 9th grade

S Y N O P S I S :
A writer’s wife dies suddenly due to a vessel popping in her brain. After her death, the writer suffered severe writer’s block for a long period of time; he just couldn’t think of anything to write about. Then, he started having nightmares. He dreamed that he was walking along by his old lake house in the middle of the night, where suddenly his wife’s corpse would try to attack him. He had this dream over and over and over again. Finally, thinking that it would put his dreams to rest, he decided to take a trip to the lake house. While there, creepy things started happening--hauntings that were slowly getting more and more aggressive as time went on. How was he to deal with them, and what was the source of these supernatural beings?

R E V I E W :
I think Stephen King is a really good horror story writer. I’ve been wanting to read some of his other books, like It, The Shining, and many more. He’s very talented and knows how to put twists and surprises in his writings. I also like scary movies, so I think I’ll watch some of his movies sometime. Stephen King uses some vulgar language and mature content, so I would not recommend this novel to young children. Overall, I think that it is a definite page turner.

Rating: 4

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