Thursday, April 4, 2013

Teen Review: Clockwork Princess

Title: Clockwork Princess
Author: Cassandra Clare
Number of Pages: 568
Genre: YA Fantasy/Steampunk
Series: Yes, this is the final installment of "The Infernal Devices"
Reading level: High School
Reviewed by: Giselle F., grade 9

S U M M A R Y :

In this book, Tessa prepares for her wedding, but as she prepares for what’s supposed to be the happiest day of her life, she battles with her feelings toward the two great loves of her life. Meanwhile, Mortmain plans to use his clockwork army of automatons (otherwise known as the Infernal Devices) to destroy the Shadowhunters. There is only one thing left to complete his evil plan: Tessa. The two men who have captured her heart, Jem and Will, will do anything to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Tessa also uncovers the truth about what and who she is.

R E V I E W :

As I opened the book to read, I was both excited and scared about what the book might hold in store. I had been waiting for a long time to find out about Mortmain’s diabolical plans to put an end to the Shadowhunters, as well as to see who Tessa would pick in the end. Will she pick the brooding passionate Will? Or the kindhearted, benevolent Jem? If I were Tessa, there absolutely no way I could choose! I love them both!

Right away, the book was filled with action. This book left no chances for the reader to catch his or her breath. The intense fighting scenes, the heartbreaking, tear-inducing events, and even the tender, sweet moments, left me in a state of shock. As I read, I found myself crying and laughing alongside the different characters. This book holds many twists and turns that will both make you jump with glee as well as cry. Just be prepared to go on a crazy emotional rollercoaster.

Throughout the story you can feel the tension between Tessa and the two boys who have fallen head over heels for her. I found my heart breaking for all three of my favorite characters, as all of them came to terms with their feelings. I loved that despite the big major love triangle, Cassandra Clare still took time to create new romances for the other characters. The romances will leave you wanting more, yearning to know how their love stories end. I found myself particularly invested in the two side romances in this book.

I have to say that the ending, though it shattered my heart, was everything I wanted and more. It was filled with so many heart-wrenching moments, as well as cute, tender ones. I loved the epilogue! It was clever and thoughtful, and it made me both shed tears and smile with great joy. I have to say that though the conclusion was bittersweet, it was the perfect end to such an epic trilogy.

Editor's note: I am sorry to say that we do not yet have this on the shelves at Burbank Public Library, but it's coming soon...

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