Thursday, April 18, 2013

Melissa and the Bee!

Do you want an opportunity to SUPPORT LITERACY in Burbank, and also support (or, yes, mock) MELISSA?

Burbank Public Library is having a SPELL-A-BRATION fund-raiser for its literacy department, and Melissa is a member of the library's three-person team, Dewey and the Decimals. (Melissa is a Decimal. This year's Dewey is Misha, our cataloger, who speaks eight languages, has a degree in linguistics, an IQ over 165, and a photographic memory. Melissa's credentials are more modest: Sixth grade spelling CHAMPION at Pachappa Elementary School, Riverside, CA, the year 19...well, we'll keep the year to ourselves!)

Come out and see them WIN THIS THING! It would be nice to have an AUDIENCE...not to mention raising some FUNDS! so tell your parents, tell your friends, BUY TICKETS!

THIS COMING THURSDAY NIGHT, April 25, 7:00 p.m., St. Leon Armenian Cathedral on Glenoaks across from Woodbury U. Appetizers, dessert bar, silent auction, a worthy cause, and COMPETITIVE SPELLING. How's that for a stellar evening?! Click on the link for more details...hope to see you there!

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