Friday, March 15, 2013

Foray into Mirrorworld

Cornelia Funke was here at Burbank Public Library last night to give Burbank teens an exclusive preview of her new Mirrorworld App. She has written a new series that began in 2010 with Reckless, and continues (April 2 release date) with Fearless, about a dark fairy tale world hidden behind a mirror (these books are for teens and adults, not her former children's fare), and almost a year ago she commissioned the Marina del Rey special effects company MIRADA to design an app for the iPad to go with the series. She wanted to create a visual component to her world that could go far beyond the possibilities presented by a movie, and with more control over the final product, and she certainly achieved her objective: The app is amazing.

Sixteen stories will be initially included as part of the app—some of them illustrated, some of them animated, some read “aloud” by Cornelia, others to be read silently by you. But there are also such things as a glossary of ogres, a book about the botany of Mirrorworld, instructions for sword-fighting—more than 110 minutes of content altogether, and the app will be updated with seven (or more) new stories over time. The app releases on April 17, and while the fully animated version is only available for the iPad, there will be reader versions available for Kindle and later on for other e-readers. Our audience of 85 was silently enthralled during the presentation, and full of questions for about 45 minutes thereafter. And then we all queued up for autographs! Cornelia is the most gracious author ever, and it was a great evening!

Now that she has this design project (mostly) behind her, the plan is to create more apps, first for Dragon Rider, and then for the Inkworld! Stay tuned...

Thanks to our volunteers: Natalia, Rani, and Christian for selling and counting and generally being helpful (and non-volunteer but hard worker Anarda!).

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