Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Clubs: Thinking ahead to SUMMER

Book club members! Remember that this month we already voted on the book we will read in MAY, which is the LAST book club meeting of the year until the fall! month (at our APRIL meetings), we will be selecting what we will read over the summer. Therefore, please be thinking about what you would like to read!

Last year, all three clubs planned to read an entire series apiece over the summer, but some felt that was too much. So think about this--would you like to:
  • Read ONE (large) book over the summer?
  • Read a SERIES over the summer?
  • CONTINUE with a series we already started in book club this year?
I know we don't usually continue with series, but since several of these have only one book after them, why not? (but only for the summer--let's not make this a precedent for during the year)

For instance, in 10-12 we read Wake, by Lisa McMann--we could read the other two books over the summer. Or, we could read Necromancing the Stone, the sequel to Hold Me Closer, Necromancer; or Days of Blood and Starlight, the sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

In 8+9, we could read further into the Maze Runner series, or another of the Douglas Adams Hitchhiker books.

In 6+7, we could read more of the Earthsea books, or Sapphique (the sequel to Incarceron).

OR...we could ALL read Reckless and Fearless, by Cornelia Funke, and in return, Cornelia will visit us for BOOK CLUB during the summer. Yes, she said she'd do it! So think about that option carefully. We'd meet in late July or early August, all together.

Let us know what you think! I put up a handy survey so you could vote.

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