Friday, February 8, 2013

Blind date with a book!

What's that? How do you have a blind date with a BOOK?

Well...see all those nicely wrapped Valentine's packages? No, they're not Sees Candy, they're library books, and no one but your teen librarians knows which ones they are!

It's like a blind date--somebody fixes you up with a person you've never met, and you get to know them on the date. Here, you check out a book, sight unseen, and find out what it is when you unwrap it at home! We thought it was a great way to get some good but maybe overlooked books into the hands of readers who might not pick up the book on their own, but might read it and like it once they had checked it out. We hope all of you will get up your nerve to experience a blind date with a book this week!

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