Saturday, December 22, 2012

Teen Review: Vampires before Twilight

Interview with the Vampire
by Anne Rice
352 pages
Horror / Fantasy
Book 1 of 10 from a series called The Vampire Chronicles
12th grade and up
Reviewed by M.K., 12th grade


A handsome yet quaint gentleman from Louisiana by the name of Louis talks to a reporter. The subject at hand: his first 200 years as a vampire. What follows is the fascinating and horrible tale of Louis's transformation at the hands of Lestat, a vampire who wanted an immortal companion. Though first terrified of his own power, Louis slowly comes to terms with his horrific nature, but not without resentment. As he tries to keep his monstrous secret, he comes across a poor little girl dying next to the corpse of her mother. Though at first he's against Lestat turning their company of two vampires to a party of three, Louis comes to love Claudia as a daughter. However, Louis and Claudia both get fed up with Lestat. As the interview goes on, Louis tells us of love, betrayal, murder, secrets, adventure, horror, self-hate, and self-acceptance.


I would first like to start by saying that Interview with the Vampire is not easy to read, and certainly requires a level of maturity, so I would only recommend it to experienced readers. Back to the book though, it is absolutely fascinating. The plots, subplots, and descriptive details of the setting are what sets this book apart from other vampire stories. I can't imagine a young adult not loving this book, because it has almost everything you could ask for. Interview with the Vampire is a classic and should be the staple for all emotional, story-driven vampire books. If someone were to ask me for a good vampire book, Anne Rice's masterpiece beats Twilight hands down, every single time.

My Rating: 5/5

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