Thursday, December 27, 2012

Teen Review: Post-Apocalyptic Classic

The Road
by Cormac McCarthy
287 pages
Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Not part of a series
10th grade and up
Reviewed by M.K., 12th grade


In the near future, some unnamed apocalypse has ravaged the earth, destroying almost all life on the planet. A father and son remain, and venture throughout post-apocalyptic America on the only remaining road in the country that leads to a coast. As the father fights a mental battle, he does everything in his power to protect his son and find a better future for him. This is not made easy by the fact that it is a constant war against the odds, including brutal conditions, scarce supplies, and savage scavengers, willing to do anything to survive. Armed only with a handgun, the father and his son, who are “each the other's world entire,” look for hope in a world that has long been deserted by it.


The Road is not an easy book to read. The descriptions are so vivid and accurate that you feel like you're right there next to the protagonists. Unfortunately, this is not exactly the ideal world to be in. The mood and setting, despite its bleak and terrifying nature, is still quite beautiful, in an eerily unnerving way. There is very little dialogue, which speaks volumes about the way it's written, because you still get to know the father and son very well. It's this ability to transmit their personalities through their choices and emotions that I think earned McCarthy the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction. That, and the simple, yet beautiful story of a man and his son surviving with nothing but their deep love for each other in a hopeless world. The Road is simply inspiring, and I would recommend it to anyone going through a tough time, just to show them that as long as you have someone you love, there's always a golden sky at the end of a storm.

My Rating: 5/5

Editor's note: There's also a movie (that's where this photo came from), which came out in 2010, but it is rated R...

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