Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Service hours!

While we welcome your help for service hours at the library, there are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of you, while we have only a few positions at each branch for which we can use volunteers. So we would like to remind you (now that some of your deadlines for turning in your services hours are approaching) that there is another way to get service hours: Write book reviews!

Yes, you can write a book review for this blog, and if you follow our guidelines (click on the "book review guidelines" page above for instructions), we will not only publish your review, we will give you one service hour for every review you write.

Please take note of the part in the instructions where it says "Do not review books you are reading anyway for school!" This blog is for recreational reading--we want it to be entertaining, and to recommend books to teens that they want to read (rather than being compelled to by an assignment). But if you just read the latest book by Charlie Higson or Melina Marchetta and you want to tell all your friends (and a bunch more people who read this blog) that they should read it too, here's your chance! Email us at

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