Saturday, October 13, 2012

Story countdown

Thanks to all of you who submitted DYSTOPIC STORIES to our Teen Read Month contest! We are eagerly anticipating reading all of your creative tales about what the future holds for us all.

Some of you were right up to the wire, and some of you, alas, were too late. The deadline (as published on the posters, on the flyers, on the Facebook page, here on the blog, and on our website) was 6:00 p.m. Friday, so if you turned it in later than that, sadly you will not be eligible for a prize, no matter how worthy your entry.

We will, however, still read your stories with pleasure. And who knows? maybe you have discovered an ability to write that you never knew you had, and will go on to publish!

We hope all of you will come to the Teen Read Week event this Thursday night at Buena Vista (7:00 p.m.) to find out whose are the top stories!

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