Friday, October 19, 2012

Dystopic Stories--the winners!

Also at our Teen Read Week event was the announcement of the top writers of our Dystopic Story Writing Contest. Teens had one month, from September 12 to October 12, to write a three- to five-page short story with a perilous vision for the future, and we had a wide array of visions! From the personal to the political, encompassing natural disasters, virulent illnesses, and evil governments, and including physical, mental and societal controls, nothing was too far out for our teens!

We had a variety of judging criteria:

  • interesting idea or vision
  • creativity and uniqueness
  • successful execution in writing
  • spelling and grammar
All were elements that influenced our final decisions. The top writers gave us such a varied selection of features that it proved impossible to pick them as #1, #2, #3, so we ended up awarding four top writers equally, with $35 gift cards to Barnes and Noble bookstore:

Molly B., Chloe H., Sasha L., and Sirarpi T.

We also included three honorable mentions:

Cassandra J., Denise W., Whitney W.

who each received $15 gift cards to Starbucks.

We figured, writers read; and writers also need access to drinks and snacks while pursuing their art! (By the way, the B&N card can also be used at the in-house coffee shop in the Burbank store.)

Here are Cassandra, Chloe, Denise, Molly, and Sirarpi,
with authors Jennifer Bosworth and Lissa Price.
For all the writers who submitted a story, we gave a free book of their choice from about 50 books we had on hand at the author event; if you were not able to come to the event but would like to choose a book, you can come by to see Anarda or Melissa next week and select something from our "stash."

Congratulations to everyone who wrote something for the Teen Read Week contest. We enjoyed your dystopic visions!

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