Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guest Blog: Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily 
by Jodi Lynn Anderson
292 pages
Not part of a series
8th grade up
Review by: Anonymous Librarian

S Y N O P S I S :
This book is a retelling of the classic Peter Pan story (original by J. M. Barrie) through the eyes of Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell closely follows the lives of both Tiger Lily and Peter Pan, and tells the story of their budding romance and what happens to their relationship, Tiger Lily’s village, and the Lost Boys when the Englanders come to Neverland.

R E V I E W :
I must confess that I have never read Peter Pan, and my limited knowledge of the story comes from movies like Hook and Disney’s version. So if you are a true enthusiast, you may have issues with the interpretation; but I am not, and I thought that this book was fabulous!

Using Tinkerbell as the narrator allowed the book to have such a quiet elegance and a subtlety that is often lost in first-person narratives. Not having to hear every crazy thought that passed through the character’s mind was refreshing, as was how much Tinkerbell left herself out of the story.

Rating: 5

I had no complaints with this book. Often retellings of fairytales are tired and boring, but this book was refreshing, exciting and a beautiful story about first love. I honestly shed a few tears. :’( 


Here's the official trailer for this book. Jodi Lynn Anderson wrote all those Peaches books, plus a short story in the collection 21 Proms.

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