Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Service hours for book reviews!

All of you out there looking for service hours (especially those having a hard time fitting them into your busy schedules, what with water polo practice, choir practice, homework...), remember that you can get ONE SERVICE HOUR for every book review you write for our blog! There are some rules:

1. These reviews must be for recreational reading. Nobody really wants to read your review that you extracted from your mandatory school-related book report on A Separate Peace or The Great Gatsby. We DO want to know what you thought of the latest Jay Asher, Cassandra Clare or Melina Marchetta book!

2. Your review must follow our Book Review Guidelines. That means we want a (short) synopsis, and an opinion that consists of more than "it was awesome!"

I know we have some READERS out there. Now we want you to consider turning yourselves into WRITERS. C'mon, it's just talking on paper...and you'll be PUBLISHED. Cool.

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