Friday, July 27, 2012

Teen Review: Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride:
The Angel Experiment

by James Patterson
422 pages
science fiction
book 1 of 3
For grades 7-10
reviewed by Esther R., grade 9


Maximum Ride, a.k.a. Max, is the leader of a group of mutant bird kids with wings, known as the Flock. The youngest member of the Flock, six-year-old Angel, is kidnapped by other mutants, who are half wolf, half human, called Erasers. She is taken back to the place where the Flock was made and raised, the School. Half of the Flock--Max, Fang, and Nudge--set out to get her back, leaving Iggy and the Gasman to watch the house. Iggy and the Gasman soon set off after the first group, who have been separated after an incident. Shortly after they meet up, they head to the School in hopes of rescuing Angel. At the School, they find out about a place in New York called the Institute that has information about them and their parents. They decide to travel to New York in search of the Institute and answers to their past.


The book was very exciting and action-packed, which made it a page-turner for me. The story was different and very original. Aside from this book, the sequels are also original and not repetitive. I liked fact that the characters were very real to me. I did get annoyed with them later on in the series when they did stupid things, but they always redeemed themselves. I would recommend this book to my friends, and have re-read it a couple of times.

I would rate it as readable/entertaining.

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