Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teen Review: Eve

Eve by Anna Carey
318 pages
Genre: Dystopian fiction
Is it part of a series?
Yes,  book one of a trilogy
Reading level: 13+
Reviewed by: Patrick Castro
"Where do you go when nowhere is safe?"
Eve was a book that was super good! Eve, Caleb (the swoon-worthy boy I'll talk about later), the romance, and dystopian elements make Eve the perfect read. The book starts out with a letter from Eve's mom talking about a terrible plague that will happen to the world, and foreshadows a little of what's going to happen in the future. [This book takes place in 2032.] I was always up trying to finish the book, and you know I love it when a book does that. *nods* But at times it kinda dragged and Eve was naive at times.

I liked the character Eve a lot. She was quirky, made me laugh, and she was the type of person you would so want to meet! Her innocence made me laugh and cry and she made the book so much fun to read! She lives at the School, where the girls are kept to learn all the things a woman needs to know. They tell her never to go outside the School, because of the men, whom they grew to fear and hate. Eve starts to question why she is here, and in the middle of her biggest night—graduation—a girl named Arden escapes. Eve is in complete shock.
“Sometimes it seems like all the things I need to know, I don’t. And all the things I do know are completely wrong.”
After that, everything falls into place and it actually flows together! She meets Caleb, the guy she wants to love to hate, but with their adventures in the forest they grow a lot. I loved their conversations! They made me laugh! Great job, Ana Carey! I had a good idea of the setting through both of them. And sometimes the people you know you hate turn out to be more, just like for Eve.
“Loving someone meant knowing your life will be worse without them in it.”

The ending had me in shock. I was just like "What??!!!" and I needed Book 2 immediately! It made me tear up a little and it was the bittersweet ending type! *puts hands up in exasperation* There were a couple of unanswered questions I hope will be answered in the sequel, Once [due out July 3]. Eve is a great read if you love your dystopian novels with romance and action. And if you read and liked Wither or Shatter Me, both of which I loved, Eve will be a great read for you!
“Love was death’s only adversary, the only thing powerful enough to combat its clawing, desperate grasp.”

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