Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Last night was the Teen Summer Reading Program finale for "Own the Night"--an Open Mic Night and Poetry Slam. But there wasn't much poetry (unless you count the "poetry in motion" of Daniel and John's dancing!)--only Grace read a poem! (and a good one it was--it's been published!) But there was lots of musical talent on display, both accompanied and a capella, from Erina, Amelia, Amanda, Samantha, Julia, Michelle, and Yenely!

Cookies and coffee / tea / lemonade were consumed in large quantities, loud music from various iPods and MP3s reverberated throughout the second floor, we had a few enthusiastic dance demos and a reading from Raven Boys, by Maggie Stiefvater, and we drew for prizes, including five ARCs of future teen novels.

We also announced the three top performers on our Trivia Contest (Arsh, Grace, and Alex) and gave them and the four runners-up their prizes. We took some photos, which are now posted on our Facebook page, and Anarda also shot video of most of the acts, which will be available once we download and edit. (Don't hold your breath--that will take awhile!)

So, we're winding down: There are just two activities left this week. The first is, of course, READING LOGS, and there will be a final drawing this coming Friday from the jars at the three library reference desks, so keep reading and putting in your tickets! The second is the drawing for our High School readers who have written book reviews for the blog, which will also take place on Friday; so if you haven't written one (or more), your time is running out! The prize is a Nook Reader, and the odds are pretty good! Email your review to today! (Guidelines are to be found by clicking on "book review guidelines" at the top of this page.) (Duh.)

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