Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let us remind you...


This year's contest is based on the three BOOKMARKS you received in your goodie bag when you registered; each bookmark has a list of books that go with our THEME, "Own the Night." There's Dark Fairies (self-explanatory), Dark Futures (dystopic and post-apocalyptic novels), and Read the Night, which is a fun book list made up of all the young adult novels with "night" in the title. Not only can you READ these books and put them in your READING LOG, but you will also need to become familiar with them by looking at our OPAC (online public access catalog) so you can answer the questions on the Trivia Contest!

FIVE big winners for this contest will be announced on JULY 24 at our Open Mic Night and Poetry Slam, and you MUST be present to win! So download our trivia contest here, and GOOD LUCK!

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