Thursday, July 19, 2012

Awesome ARCs

As mentioned before, Anarda and I and our three teens scored a bunch of Advance Reader Copies of soon-to-be-published young adult fiction when we went to the American Library Association convention a couple of weeks ago. For those who don't know, ARCs are bound uncorrected proofs (yes, there may be typos) of a book, circulated before the book's release (to reviewers, mostly) to create early buzz. Here's a review of one I just read:

by Helen Keeble
351 pages (in ARC form, who knows for the final?)
Ages 13 up
Reviewed by Melissa

Fifteen-year-old Xanthe Jane Greene (call her Jane if you value your life) has been an enthusiastic fan of vampire fiction and a regular post-er, so when she wakes up in a coffin, it's not like she's totally unprepared, although she can't quite figure out how she got there. It's a bit of a shock to her family, but they quickly get on board and decide they should all become vampires in solidarity--NOT. Jane has enough problems, what with a psycho "sire" and a hunky vampire hunter getting a little too close for comfort, not to mention the adjustment to her slightly freaky powers, to need her parents and her weird little brother complicating things to that extent. Also, remaining 15 forever isn't exactly what she had in mind when she pictured her undead life of angst and intriguing relationships. She can't even drive! But boy, she can do a lot of other cool stuff...

Yes, it's ANOTHER VAMPIRE BOOK. I almost didn't pick it up, because I'm so over it. Then I didn't read it for a couple of weeks, until I found myself at loose ends on a weekend, with no other new books in the house. But speaking of being over it, GET over it, because this is a funny, funny book. The blurb copy is comparing it to Ally Carter (I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You, etc.) and Heather Brewer (the Vladimir Tod series), and while I can see that the "voice" is similar to those--15 years old, wry, witty--the book actually made me think more of one of my faves of last year, Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, by Lish McBride. This is a big compliment, because I loved that book! And coincidentally, McBride's second book (Necromancing the Stone) comes out on September 18, a week after Fang Girl on September 11. So I suggest a reading weekend "double feature" of supernatural goodness. Keeble and McBride should be friends!

Since ARCs can't be cataloged for the library or sold at the book sale, we're going to GIVE a stack of them away as one of our prizes at the Teen Summer Reading Program finale, our "Own the Night" Open Mic Night and Poetry Slam, on July 24. So if you want to read Fang Girl BEFORE September, come to our program, and put your ticket into the drawing! And don't forget to call this week to sign up to perform at the finale!

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  1. I have just placed an order for 'Hold Me Closer, Necromancer', which I hadn't heard of before now. Thank you for both the recommendation, and the lovely review!

    (P.S. The next book isn't vampires... as its working title is NO ANGEL, you can probably guess the subject matter *grin*)