Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keep a Dream Journal!

Because our teen summer reading theme is "Own the Night," we thought it would be fun to keep a DREAM JOURNAL during the summer. If you want to do this, start getting ready:

  • Get yourself a journal (it can be as simple as a legal pad or as fancy as you like!);
  • Start programming your mind to remember your dreams (repeat to yourself "I will remember my dreams" each night before you go to sleep);
  • Prepare yourself by reading the "dream journal guidelines" (scroll to the top of this blog and click on the "Own the Night Dream Journal" tab, for directions, suggestions, and more;
  • Plan on writing in your journal each morning when you wake up, from June 18 to July 19!
If you keep the dream journal, you may sign up for our Dream Interpretation Workshop with Forest Nui Cobalt (a dream interpreter) and discover the meaning of YOUR dream!

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