Monday, June 18, 2012

Dream Reading and Teens' Top Ten

In addition to the combo bookmarks/book lists we are giving you in your Summer Reading goodie bags--Dark Fairies, Dark Futures, and Read the Night--there are some other lists from which you could choose to read this summer. If you want to continue the night-time, dreamy theme, click on the TAB about the Dream Journal at the top of this page, and scroll down a ways. We have provided a list of both nonfiction and fiction books about the subject of dreaming--good information, and great stories!

If you want to escape the dark, on the other hand, look at the library for book ballots for this year's "TEENS' TOP TEN" list. Every year, members of teen book clubs from 15 public libraries and schools around the country propose about 25 books "for your consideration." In late August and early September, you can go to the YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) website to vote for your top 10 favorites from this list. The results are published during Teen Read Week in October. So every year WE provide you with a ballot to keep track of your TTT reading. Pick one up! Or, you can get the list here. (No handy ballot, though.)

Remember to add any of this reading to your READING LOG, and get tickets for our weekly drawings from June 18 to July 27. Those PRIZES are calling your name...

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