Thursday, June 21, 2012


Our teens are the most fabulous on the PLANET. Y'all did such a stellar job on A Midsummer Night's Dream last night! Everyone was so impressed with you. We had 115 people there to BE impressed, so that was great too! From the singing fairies (and Puck!) to the quarreling lovers to the ham-it-up mechanicals, each of you brought your best. We're very proud!

A Midsummer Night's Dream Readers' Theater at Buena Vista branch.
I (Melissa) also want to say what an amazing and tireless job Anarda did on this production. She worked with David to do the casting, and then she did it over...and over...and over, as people dropped in and dropped out. She coordinated the rehearsal schedule, which was NOT easy with all of your dentist appointments and classes and trips and football practice and lack of transportation and...everything! So...Brava, Anarda!

And, David! What a guy. What a director. What an actor. What an enthusiastic purveyor of all things theatrical! Plus, he brings all his talented friends (and spouse) to help out--what more could you ask for? Big thanks to them as well! Especially Don, for stepping into the role of Bottom with 24 hours' notice.

Here are a few photos; when we get the rest (including John Williams's fabulous portraits), we will put up an album on FACEBOOK.

Good work, everybody!



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