Monday, May 28, 2012

What We're Reading: Gone

Speaking of sequels...I just picked up the latest in the Gone saga, by Michael Grant. We read the first book in middle school book club in 2009, and I have faithfully read the next one...and the next...and the next, trying to hang in there just so I can say I stuck with the series to the end.

For those who haven't read it, here's the premise: One day, Sam Temple is sitting in class, and suddenly his teacher, who's writing on the chalkboard, just disappears. No puff of smoke, just there and then gone. When he investigates, he discovers that the only people left in the entire school building are kids--no adults at all. Then they all go out into the town of Perdido Beach, and discover chaos--cars that have crashed, houses on fire--because the adults who were driving or cooking or whatever also disappeared. The town, and the nuclear power plant down on the beach, are now enclosed in a giant dome, a kind of force field that lets no one out and no one in. And some of the kids inside the dome are developing weird mutant powers...

The latest book (#5) is called Fear, and it resolves some things while coming up with some brand new horrors. Some familiar characters get eliminated, some tyrants are taken down while others grow stronger, and the gaiaphage finds a new way to interact.

One thing that finally happens is that we get a glimpse outside the FAYZ at Connie Temple (mom of Sam) and some of the other parents who have sat in vigil, written to Congress, and wondered if this giant featureless gray dome will ever open up and give them back their children. (This isn't a spoiler, you find this out in Chapter One.)

I had high hopes when things seemed to be getting to a really desperate pitch, that this would be the finale, the last volume; but given the new twists revealed as the book ended, I'm sensing that Grant could either wrap it up in the next book or create a whole new story line that could carry us along for awhile. I see from interviews online that the next book is supposed to be the last one, and I'm hoping that's true; I'm really ready for this franchise to end. It's not that it's not gripping or entertaining; it is, in its own horrifying way. But...there's something to be said for a nice trilogy!

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  1. Re: the covers--don't you think that by the latest book they should have been showing the teens as they probably look now--too thin, sunburned, dirty clothes, scars--instead of these pristine 90210-type people???