Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teen Summer Reading Program...


Go here to register for "Own the Night," the Teen Summer Reading Program, which runs from June 18 to July 27 this year. Those of you who register online can pick up your "goodie" bag at the library starting June 12; those of you who want to register in person have to WAIT until June 12 to sign up at any Burbank library's reference desk.

WHY do you want to sign up?

  • Great PROGRAMS
  • PRIZES for reading
  • WORKSHOPS for teens
  • PRIZES for doing the Trivia Contest
  • DREAM ANALYSIS if you keep a Dream Journal this summer
  • Make your TEEN LIBRARIAN happy...(just kidding)
Watch this blog for more details! Also, click on the "Own the Night Dream Journal" and "Book Review Guidelines" tabs at the top, to find out how YOU can participate!

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