Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now that you're out of school...

...all you smart and literate Burbank about writing some book reviews for this blog? The "book review guidelines" can be found under a tab at the top of this page (and you should definitely look at them), but if you want an example of how your review should be structured, scroll down a ways and look at Melissa's review of Getting Over Garrett Delaney to see the proper format.

If you need a bigger incentive than seeing your immortal words in PRINT (well, in blog print), here are TWO:

1. You can get credit for one service hour for every book review you write (think how much more fun this is than cleaning DVDs or straightening shelves);

2. If you are in 9th-12th grade, you will be entered in a DRAWING for a valuable prize, if you write the review between now and July 23rd. We will draw a name to win that prize on July 24th at our Teen Summer Reading Club finale, which is an Open Mic Night and Poetry Slam. about reading a book just for fun (see "book lists" blog below for suggestions), warming up those typing fingers, and emailing a book review to

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