Saturday, May 26, 2012

How do I find...BOOK LISTS?

They can be found in two places, depending...

Are you looking for the book lists for REQUIRED SUMMER READING from your schools? We do our best to get these from your teachers. So far, we only have the reading lists for AP and Honors English for John Burroughs High. We post them on our WIKI. Go here and scroll down to "Local School Reading Lists." (And while you're there, check out all the other links!) We also have a NOTEBOOK at the Reference Desk with these lists in them, if you're in the library.

Looking for something to read FOR FUN? Want to see some lists of, say, dystopic fiction, or retold fairy tales, or zombie books? Historical fiction, soft reads, supernatural stories, edgy titles? You can go here to see lists just for TEENS from our online catalog. (And we have printed copies of these in the libraries.)

Also, the book lists we have created for your Teen Summer Reading Program GOODIE BAGS can also be found there: Dark Fairies, Dark Futures, Read the Night! They are all labeled (Summer Reading 2012). If you choose to do our TRIVIA CHALLENGE this summer, you will become more familiar with these! (That's a hint...)

You never have to say "I don't know what to read next" again!

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