Friday, March 23, 2012


Do you know about Support Teen Lit Day? Readergirlz ( celebrates this day (APRIL 12) by sponsoring the Teen Book Drop (TBD).

Here's the plan: Go to their website and print out a bookplate (or a few) like this one above. Stick it inside a teen book (one you can bear to give up). Drop the book in a public spot--somewhere at your school, on a bus bench, on a picnic table at the park, on a restaurant table. The bookplate lets everyone know that you're passing the book on to the lucky finder to read. Isn't this a great way to share teen lit with the world, one person at a time?

If you want to take a picture of your book and where you left it (or get someone else to take a picture of YOU with the book at the spot you've chosen to drop it) and send it to us, we'll post it here and on the BPL Teen Facebook page! Also, you could encourage whoever finds it to pass it along in the same way, by writing them a note leading them HERE: so they can do the same!


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