Monday, February 27, 2012

Sci Fi Sleeping Beauty

I just finished Anna Sheehan's first book, A Long, Long Sleep. On Amazon, Sheehan says:
"This book came about when I realized that the world didn't stop when Sleeping Beauty was put to sleep. What would have happened while she slept? She would have had to come to terms with a whole new world the moment she opened her eyes."
Rosalinda Fitzroy is the 16-year-old sleeping beauty in this book, but she has been put to sleep, not in a remote castle by a wicked fairy, but in a stasis tube by her billionaire parents, who "stass" Rose whenever their high-powered careers make it inconvenient to parent her. The problem is, the last time they put her to sleep, they never came back for her, and when her stasis tube is discovered and the wake-up sequence is accidentally activated by a boy exploring a forgotten sub-basement, it's been 62 years since she closed her eyes.
In addition to dealing with the sickness brought on by prolonged stasis, Rose has to cope with the loss of everything familiar--including Xavier, the love of her life. She is also the previously unsuspected heiress to her father's interplanetary empire, which adds another layer of awkwardness and intrigue to her recovery and integration into this life. Rose is trying to focus on finishing high school and maybe making a few friends, but someone is apparently unhappy enough about her return to have sent an unstoppable assassin to put her out of commission! It's a lot to take on, but Rose finds some unexpected allies as she figures out how to stop him and also attempts to learn why her parents abandoned her.
I have grown weary of the passive girls in some recent YA novels who sit back and wait for others to take care of them, but in Rose's case, she has ample reasons to be virtually paralyzed by her circumstances! It takes her awhile, but she does make real progress, and at a particular point in the book when she discovers what she can do all on her own, it's doubly triumphant. This is a great sci fi take on an old fairy tale.

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