Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Fine Faerie Fable

Extraordinary, by Nancy Werlin, follows in the tradition of her earlier book, Impossible, wherein the faerie realm intrudes upon the real world and a human girl is challenged to effect a change in herself that will reverberate in this parallel place.

This book centers around Phoebe, a many-generations-distant descendent of Mayer Rothschild, founder of the great banking empire and, as it transpires, beneficiary of extraordinary favors from the queen of the faeries. The bargain he made for his family is about to impact Phoebe, who bonds with a strange girl named Mallory in middle school, only to discover a few years later that her best friend (and the friend's enigmatic but strangely compelling older brother, Ryland) have ulterior motives. After having been manipulated and betrayed by them both, Phoebe has to dig deep to find her inner resources and decide whether she is to be the one to pay the family's debt to the faeries--will she be ordinary, or will she be extraordinary?

You can find out more about the author, Nancy Werlin, and her books, by going here:

Also, her book The Killer's Cousin (which won a LOT of awards) is a great spooky read for this time of year!

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